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About Us depends on if there is an Us! The Center was formed to create a partnership between years of Corporate and International Business Management Consulting and the needs of our Mountains Community at a decreased cost, in order to promote and stimulate Tourism and the local economy. So "Us" strictly depends on if this model works for you! Shortly we will be launching as the Marketing Engine. We currently have over a year of Go-Pro and other video from Deep Creek to Crestline's 4th of July Fireworks show. Eventually we will be accepting multimedia to share over a platform that is " Data Mining Free" , the highest personal data security, and only advertisements that are generated by community members and business that pertain only to our Mountains Community.

The Center, is already being duplicated in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and is modeled to be set up in any community around the world. The Center has also purchased the URL "" Thus we can have what2dew/crestline or what2dew/broken-arrow or what2dew/insert community here. This is in hopes that Mountain Dew, (Pepsico) might want to partner with us on a community event like, What to Do Crestline, sponsored by Mountain Dew for our Mountain Communities! So please reach out and see what you might be able to contribute. This model is fashioned to then migrate to the vacant building by the Post Office, old Movie Theater, as a Multimedia education/ restaurants/in door Artesians Mall, or both. So there is a lot of room and flexibility for growth.

Again, this is only about Us if You are involved! And if you chose to be involved, it will take All of Us to do it! Here is a good example of a current local success story; 

Some of you might have had the pleasure of tasting Thomas's Gourmet Lemonade and Hot Dogs from Tommy Dog's at our Mountain's Farmers Market and Street Fairs. Thomas was also serving gourmet lemonade & hot dogs for the Crestline's 4th of July Parade in front The Crestline Village Laundromat, next to Doggy Styles dog grooming. Beside working for the Rail Roads and supplying Goodwin's Market with Specialty Sodas, Thomas partnered with The Center and as a team we were able to support our local events and get involved with concessions for the Southern California Vintage Baseball League, which plays in Twin Peaks, and develop a drop-off program for the Hot Dog Cart ( to be rolled out next Spring!) All in the time frame from the 4th of July when we started to Labor Day! Success! and everybody wins!

We also have had success promoting local musicians. So please, drop us a note! (preferably a C note!)

So please keep coming back! Thank you! and Be Well

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