Mummy – Standing raggedly wrapped with eyes and teeth exposed!- (Spooky!)



Mummy in a standing position on stand – Raggedly wrapped with eyes and teeth exposed. – (Spooky!)

Six  &  1/4 ” tall,

3  & 3/4″ wide at the arm span.

1 & 1/8 ” wide at ribs



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Charlotte Gray is an artist with many faces.

A long career in many aspects as a classically trained singer and sometime actress, does not reveal the hidden talent that became a business unexpectedly.

In 1993 Charlotte gave way to a desire to spring forth as an artist in a clay medium that was previously not taken too seriously.

Her initial creations in polymer clay were small delicately sculpted roses.  But she immediately took advantage of the ease with which she was able to make marketable seasonal products for popular holidays like Halloween and Valentines Day.

With an edge of humor and skill Charlotte has spent the last couple of decades honing her skills and her imagination with miniature scenes and playful figures.

She has tested her products initially in artist co-ops and consignment, in the Mall of America and the Arizona Renaissance Fair.

Through several States and difficult times, with the support and counsel of her business partner and sister, Charlotte continues to surprise and delight her public with new and adventurous  art pieces.


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